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Chickpea Plays is my Youtube gaming channel. I have mostly stopped uploading here regularly but I still have some half decent videos on the channel. I may even start uploading it to it again, who knows? Below are some of the better videos from the channel.


After attending SGDQ 2015 with my bud Robert, we both were inspired to get into speedrunning. Luigis Mansion seemed like a fun and easy game to get started in and so we both started to learn it. We both did our first official runs as a race and he kicked my butt. Since then I've gotten better at Luigi's Mansion and tried running a few other games. My speed games so far:
  • Luigi's Mansion | Personal best: 1:29:53 (video right)
  • Over The Hedge | Personal best: 3:07:01

Coming Soon

I have another video project coming very soon with my brother. Follow me on Twitter @JacobChickpea to keep in touch or check back here.