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My name is Jacob "Chickpea". I created this website as a launchpage for my other places on the web and as a place to feature some of my work.


Do people really frequently ask these things?
No, but if people did frequently ask about my life, these are probably the things they would want to know.
Is Chickpea your real last name?
No. It's a nickname. That would be an insane real name.
Where did the nickname come from?
That's a great question. See, there was this one kid at my high school who called himself Meedle. This guy was famous for giving everyone nicknames. His name for me (at the time) was Jakey. He would go around the school and every time he saw me he would exclaim "JAKEYYYY"! Now one time I was sitting with Robert Mato during lunch and Meedle went by and said "JAKEYYYY"! except Robert misheard him and asked, "Did you just call him 'chickpea'"? Meedle thought this was hillarious and ever since has called me Chickpea instead. This name eventually caught on as several other people called me this (some mockingly, I'm sure) and I eventually started using it in usernames as well. Since then, it has kind of become my Internet nickname.
You went to high school with Robert Mato?
Yep. And Aragallex too. I've known both of them since grade 9.
Who's this New Brody guy in some of your videos?
He's my brother (literally biologically).
What do you do with your life?
Well I just generally like being creative and making things. I have a couple of Youtube channels. I wrote a book once and am working on some other writing projects. I'm always working on some dumb little project. Some of the good stuff I'll put here, eventually.
What kind of games do you like to play?
I like a wide variety of games. I like open world games, like Skyrim, because they build another world, then set you free in that world. I like indie games that create a unique gaming experience because of the creativity that goes into them. I also like adventure games like the Legend of Zelda series because of the intricate story that they tell through an interactive medium. Of course I also love games like Minecraft and the communites I have been part of through those games. There are also many games of other various genres that I like.
What are your computer specs?
msi GeForce GTX 970 - AMD FX eight core processor - 8GB GSkill RAM - 1TB HDD - 250GB SSD - some basic ASUS motherboard - Windows 8 OS - a cheap case and some cool LED bits - twin 1920x1080 acer monitors of some sort - Steel Series Rival gaming mouse - Steel Series Apex keyboard - Blue Snowball microphone - LSTN Troubadour cherry wood headphones
What is up with that footer? It looks like you wrote that at 3am or something.
It was 1am actually.
Want to go to the Mandarin?
Sure! Anytime!

Have any more questions? Email me at chickpeaplays@gmail.com